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Shlomo sonnenfeld

Production – Songwriting – Music for Film – Music for Ballet


music for film

Composing & writing tracks for Showtime’s series, National Greman TV, Soundtrack composing

music for ballet

As an artist signed to, writing contemporary classical music for ballet


Composition, Shlomo’s main musical adventure these days, as can be heard on “Painkliiers Vol 2” project


Be exposed to the albums and tracks produced over the years


Since  signing to BMG publishing, a situation where 20 tracks per year was the first demand, few examples of songwritng abilty

In the Works

In the process of writing

Recent Projects

A Showtime's Netflix Ray Donovan tracks placement

Licensing music For Ray Donovan

Licensing “Battle”, a track for Showtime’s & Netflix series


Music For Ballet

Music For Ballet

After the release of “Painkillers”, which was Classical oriented, “idance music” has signed Shlomo Sonnenfeld to compose music for Ballet


A songtrdr licensing artist

Licensing music

As a Songtrdr artist, a Movie, TV & Ads licensing had become a part of the daily gig


Composer of multimedia project for The Tel Aviv Museum

Tel Aviv Museum Multimedia show music

The Tel Aviv Museum has commisioned a score for an installation event based on Mahler’s 5th, which was entitled “Mahleria”


For Licensing inquiries

Contact us for anything you want to know! We are happy to answer any question you have as quickly as possible.