Green Gerry is a band based in Los Angeles, birthed in Athens, Georgia. Spearheaded by a one Gerry Green, the group formed in 2013 after Gerry recorded his second album, King Baby. However, before the formation of the band, Gerry was recording everything by himself, often on a laptop, in the closets of the various people he happened to be staying with at the time.It was one of the pop friendly cuts on the record, “La La Lonely Maria #1,” that caught the attention of record label Mom+Pop, home to indie stalwarts Cloud Nothings, Andrew Bird, Flume, and Sleigh Bells among others. ....Read More

September 9, 2014

Swim Team Kush

That’s what their BC page states: “Yung AOL is the kid, tha god, the internet legend. VHS porn, Tommy sweats and foggy basements. Swim Team Kush. This bumps in the whip, on the iPhone or on your dad’s old tape deck – because the warm hiss of cassette perfectly complements the warped synths and fuzzy thump in these beats. Buy it for your mom, buy it for your dog – play it just loud enough so the neighbors can hear but won’t complain. Our first official cassette release”.   Swim Team Kush by Yung ....Read More

September 9, 2014


Under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department, Ryan Pollie makes the kind of homespun bedroom pop that excels in its quiet intimacy, while retaining its emotional weight under sparse instrumentation and soft delivery. On his 11-track self-titled debut album, Pollie wrote and recorded each song in a day, allowing for small imperfections and spurts of urgency found throughout the record. It’s a creative process Pollie has now become accustomed to: “This project really changed an important misconception for me. It was that music that I was making, which wasn’t recorded in a ....Read More

September 9, 2014

Glue Trip

Chimera is the music video of the song “Elbow Pain” by brazillian pop duo Glue Trip, created, edited and directed by designer and illustrator Daniel Vincent. The whole aesthetic concept was created by Daniel Vincent and is based on transcendent experiences. ....Read More

May 12, 2014

Before and After..

Damien Master‘s one man project ‘A pregnant Light‘  ‘Before I Came‘ is a peculiar ‘best of’ release. Master has been releasing for quite few years now under his own label ‘Colloquial Sound’ a number of limited edition hard to track down cassettes that were downloaded basically by word of mouth. He describes his sound as purple metal, which could be understood when you compare it to black metal. There is something more melodic about the music he creates, and ‘Lilajugend’ Which to me is this best of best track will surely ....Read More

May 12, 2014

Who said we drink in order to forget???

Our dear and old friend, (just turned older), JK, (Leyland James Kirby) AKA “The Caretaker”, or “The Stranger” if you wish, is back with a 40th birthday bash. He had just put out a new recording on BC he had titled “We drink to forget the coming storm”. 40 tracks for 40 years, available for a free download only for forty days. But hey, this doesn’t mean you should ignore what’s written in small letters;…”Of course it is possible to buy this audio gift from me as well. The choice is yours. Remember that all the cash I do receive goes into upgrading ....Read More

May 9, 2014

Lost in Space

Recently, I have been discussing a vital issue with a dear friend of mine, a musician; The importance of space within a written musical piece, the space between them notes, the tension, that silence, the anticipation it brings, the fact that what’s not played, as strange as it might sound, plays an important role as the played ones… It also makes you think about the writer’s characteristics, persona..his/ her self confidence, maturity, frickin guts..Deep understanding of music.. Just heard this song by this duo consists of twin sisters, “Sister wife” and couldn’t help it but ....Read More

May 7, 2014

Keep on

I have been watching the Broen series, or The Bridge if you are familiar with the American version. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I wouldn’t want to spoil the experience for ya. Just wanted to talk about the essence of it, through my very own eyes. The two main characters are Martin Rohde, a Danish homicide detective and Saga Norén, a Swedish female detective who join forces to solve a murder crime. Saga is an Asperger, which plays a very dominant role in the series. You notice her difficulty in understanding society codes, expressing and understanding emotions, thus dealing ....Read More

May 6, 2014

In the Red Zone

R Red Ferguson is composed of Bryan Gomez and Alex Hastings. We are based out of Los Angeles.   ed Ferguson is composed of Bryan Gomez and Alex Hastings. We are based out of Los Angeles.RRed Ferguson is composed of Bryan Gomez and Alex Hastings. We are based out of Los Angeles.ed Ferguson is composed of Bryan Gomez and Alex Hastings. We are based out of Los ....Read More

April 25, 2014