Shlomo Sonnenfeld is one of Hip Hop’s legendary pioneers, A Producer, Composer, Songwriter, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His latest placement is a track he wrote on Showtime’s, Netflix succesfull series Ray Dononvan.

During the the early 80’s, he had moved to New York and had become one of Hip Hop pioneers, producing, mixing, remixing and writing Hip Hop & R&B music, helping establishing the genre as we know it. He had worked with MC Lyte, Audio Two, Chill Rob G, Gangstarr, Guru, DJ Premier, Lord Finesse, Easy Mo Bee, Black Moon, R.I.F, Large Professor, Daddy O, Diamond D, UMC’s, Positive K, MR C nd many more.( See Discograpgy ).


On the R&B tip, He had teamed up with Troy Taylor (Trey Songz, Boyz 2 men, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Gill, Tony Braxton). The main reason to the fruitful partnership was because what Troy had needed was the street sound that was one of Shlomo’s identity marks. 

Later on he signed a songwriter’s publishing deal with BMG, with partner Axell Kroell (Wet Wet Wet, Blow Monkeys, Grayson Hughs, Al Green, Arthur Baker). After nearly a decade od writing & producing, Shlomo has started writing for TV. (SOKO 5113 on national German TV). He was then commissioned to write music for The Tel Aviv museum, based on Mahler’s 5th, which he entitled “Mahleria”,an experimental 3 part piece, using analogue tape loops only.

few years ago, while grounded to bed due to an injury, he had started a project, which was later named “Painkillers”, mainly for the relief and comfort making it brought him, and later on had the same impact on its audience. Painkillers was released in Vienna (AudioKult), and later on was released on digital platforms, gaining great success, especially when you consider how experimental it was.

A year ago, he had started writing music for Ballet, signing with the French Boutique label, idance music. These days, he is about to finish the sequal for Painkillers, which has a more classical direction to it, as well as writing and producing mainly for licensing platforms. Last but nor least, he finishes up another recording project, “The Therapy sessions Vol 1”

First production project with an African musician, Alain Konda